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Matthew • Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin

We first became interested in TurboChef for our Patio Café location. We wanted to replace our only piece of equipment, a Panini grill, which required a lot of oils and grease to keep items from sticking. We now use TurboChef in most of our locations to provide fresh and healthy, made to order options. The TurboChef is our primary piece of equipment and allows us to steam, flash cook, toast and sear. You can do anything in the TurboChef that you can do in a traditional oven, just faster and healthier.

If you are looking to expand your kitchen, think about bringing a piece in. It doesn’t cost much to operate during the day and as long as you take care of it, you’re not going to have any issues. Go out and see the TurboChefs ovens at Specialized, if you tell them what you want to do in the TurboChef they will be able to show you how it can be done. They will walk you through programing and spend as much time as needed to get you comfortable with your equipment. Go see them and give it a try!

Shaun • Antoinette’s

We first looked into TurboChef when we were in the market to replace three double deck ovens that were just dinosaurs. We had seen a demo of the ovens, talked with Kevin Jorgensen and it just went from there. Replacing deck ovens with TurboChef ovens was a breeze because the TurboChefs take all the human error out of it. Deck ovens give you hot and cold spots and other inconsistencies in cook times. Once you figure out cook times and how to program the TurboChef most of the human error is out of it and that is what I really liked, the less human error you can have the more consistent you can be.

The computer in the TurboChef is what I like most about the oven. You can put anyone back in the kitchen and have them push the button. The ease in being able to train someone to use the oven is a big reason why I would recommend the TurboChef, that and the consistency of the products coming out. I don’t have any complaints, Walter and Kevin have been great. And if I expanded into a different location I definitely would have them in any of my restaurants.

James • The Bay

In a small restaurant, TurboChef is great because the control we have with the oven allows us to provide each of our guests with the same great product time after time. This precision also helps us cut back on waste which factors into cost savings. One of our favorite items to cook is the roasted veggies, they come out with a nice char on them even though they are coming from the oven. Also the Andouille encrusted cod, it’s going to become a signature dish for us and every time it comes out perfectly. As long as you clean and maintain the equipment regularly you won’t get diminishing results like you might on a grill. If you do that you are going to get extreme longevity from what I’ve seen in the use of them.

I would encourage chefs out there to embrace the change in technologies. A lot of people may think it’s cheating but it really is cutting edge for smaller operations, and for bigger operations it’s going to be the standard that comes in the future. Be open to experimenting with the oven, that’s how you really learn what the technology is capable of doing. You need to go in there and understand what different settings actually do.

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