Energy Rebates

The State of Wisconsin offers energy rebates on many of the products that we offer. Below is a full list of the product numbers that offer rebates. If you use any of the products below you may be eligleble for a rebate. You can apply for the rebates by filling out an energy application.

Electric Fryers
Product Numbers: SE14 (R, X), SE18, SE184 (*R), SELV14 (X)

Natural Gas Fryers
Product Numbers:SSH55 (T, TR), SSH60, SSH60W, SSH75, SSHLV14, SGC, VF-35S

Natural Gas Convections
Product Numbers:BDO-100-G-ES, DFG-100-G-ES, DFG-200-G-ES, Zeph-100-G-ES, Zeph-200-G-ES

Electric Convections
Product Numbers:CTB / CTBR, Mark V-100, Mark V-200, SHO-100-E, Zeph-100-E, Zeph-200-E

Natural Gas Hydrovection
Product Number: HV-100-G

Electric Hydrovection
Product Number: HV-100-E

Natural Gas Fryer
Product Number: AH55

Natural Gas Griddles
Product Numbers: TM24X36G, TM24X48G, TM24X60G, TM24X72G

Electric Banquet Cart
Product Number: BB96ES

Mobile Heated Cabinet
Product Number: HTU12

Market Forge
Natural Gas Steamers
Product Numbers: ETP-10G, Sirius ll-6

Electric Steamers
Product Numbers: TS-3E, TS-5E, ETP-10E

Electric Griddles
Product Numbers: MKE36, MKE48, MKE60, MKE72

Gas Griddles, High Efficiency
Product Numbers: MKH-36, MKH48, MKH60, MKH72

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