When to Repair or Replace Your Foodservice Equipment

Gauging the decision of when to repair and when to replace your foodservice equipment can be a difficult choice. We at Specialized are here to help you by providing a plan for assessing your equipment. With these tips we hope to aid in the decision process and help you generate the best resolution for your needs. 

Repair or Replace?

  • Examine your service log – perform an analysis of your maintenance costs over the last several years
  • Are parts readily available?
  • Is the equipment functioning to meet your production needs?
  • Is there more productive & energy efficient equipment available? (i.e. Energy Star or Wisconsin’s Focus On Energy Program)
  • Has technology advanced to help streamline issues and labor? Has technology advanced to make the equipment more effective or easier to use?

How Do You Begin the Process of Sourcing New Equipment?

  • Talk to your peers & receive honest feedback and trusted referrals
  • Attend industry trade shows and conferences
  • Contact a local sales representative!
  • Consider multiple professional opinions and your experience to lead you on the right path of which equipment is right for your operation

How Can a Dealer, Consultant, or Manufacturers Representative Help?

  • Specification writing
  • Drawings
  • Comparing manufacturers and their products
  • Master plan study
  • Equipment demonstrations and trainings (Join us in our test kitchen!)
  • Site visits

The Bid Process

  • Write a good specification
  • Evaluation
  • Timing, planning, and installation

Brand Preference – Good, Better, Best

  • Explore the difference in primary brands vs. secondary brands
  • Research local support
  • Always remember, get the quality you pay for

Secondary Support Equipment

  • Water filtration
  • Equipment accessories

Preventative Maintenance

  • Maintain your equipment properly to elongate it’s lifespan

Equipment Warranties

  • Define expectations for warranty on equipment/parts/labor
  • Does the equipment come with an extended warranty?
  • Is there after warranty service?

Service After Purchase

  • Training
  • Operation/Maintenance Manuals
  • Help after your purchase

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